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Lefties In The News

The Left Handed Roger Federer AKA Denis Shapovalov

It’s high praise indeed for someone who is only seventeen years old, but Denis Shapovalov clearly has a dazzling future ahead of him. Born on the 15th of April 1999 he is a naturalised Canadian of Russian descent and has already made quite a name for himself on tour as well as being a part of the Canadian Dais Cup team. He won the Wimbledon Juniors in 2016 and the 2015 US Open Junior Doubles with his countryman Felix Auger-Aliassime. Young Denis has been likened in style to one of the all-time tennis greats in Roger Federer, and we’ll be waiting keenly to see if he can live up to the billing. He was also in hot water recently when he smashed a ball into the left eye of an umpire who now requires surgery. Shapovalov has subsequently released a statement apologising for the unfortunate event.

A Righty Turned Lefty: Part 1

Manuela Hubner is an artist from Cambridge who is usually right handed but suffered a terrible back injury that affected the use of her right arm to the point where she couldn’t even practice her craft. This left Manuela incredibly frustrated, so much so, that she decided to switch hands and begin to draw almost from scratch in terms of a skill set. During her injury layoff, Hubner wandered around public places and started to sketch what she saw with her new ‘perspective’ and found she had tapped into a previously unused potential, she says:“I was so bored and frustrated not being able to work after I injured my back, so I decided to draw with my left hand. I looked at the first left-handed drawing and realised there was actually a lot of untapped potential there. I had absolutely no idea if it was going to work – I just started out of necessity more than anything.” She has so far created over 100 drawings which will now go on exhibit in March.

A Righty Turned Lefty: Part 2

Now, this is perhaps one of the most impressive right to left swap feats ever witnessed. The reason I say this is because of the use of an extra instrument in the equation. Golf is already a difficult enough sport without playing with your wrong hand but Jason Day, the world number one, has made a mockery of that assertion. The Australian recently hit a 285-yard drive playing left handed and the video has gone viral.

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