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Left-Handed Artists

Painting or drawing is an intricate form of art which requires not only creativity but a great amount of dexterity as well. It may (or may not) come as a surprise to you that some of the most famous painters in history are actually left-handed.

1.Leonardo da Vinci – This brilliant painter was not your ordinary southpaw, he also had the habit of writing from right to left which requires the use of a mirror for his writings to be understood.
2.Michelangelo – He was reportedly ambidextrous but many claims he is primarily a left-handed individual based on his painting of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.
3. Hans Holbein the Younger – a monograph of the artist by Oskar Batschmann, Pascal Griener clearly says that Holbein is left handed and also notes that his patron saint is Mucius Scaevola or better known as Mucius the left-handed.
4. Henry Fuseli – Also ambidextrous, but was later forced to paint only with his left hand when he developed a tremor on his right.
5. Maurits Cornelis Escher – a famous graphic artist who’s modern enough for people to know for certain he’s left-handed.
6. Robert Crumb – an American comic illustrator who says in his biography that he’s left-handed and photographs of him prove that too.

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