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International Lefty day!

A day celebrating Left handedness! On the 13th August 2016 its International Lefty Day! On 13th August 1992 and Club have launched International Left-Handers Day, this is and yearly event that celebrates left-handers everywhere and highlights their spirituality as well as the increase of public awareness of the advantages and …

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How left handed are you?

Did you know the left side of the body associated with negativity, yet infact, left handed people are faster? When it comes it typing, they faster than right handed people because if you have a look at the keyboard, some the important letters such as A-E-R-S-T are on the left …

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Crazy and Interesting Lefty Facts

Let us take a brief break from guitars and let’s talk about being a lefty in general.  We have put together a list of interesting left handed facts….  There is one interesting fact that was picked up from a scientist that believed all left handed people tend to be more independent …

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