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Lefties In The News

The Left Handed Roger Federer AKA Denis Shapovalov It’s high praise indeed for someone who is only seventeen years old, but Denis Shapovalov clearly has a dazzling future ahead of him. Born on the 15th of April 1999 he is a naturalised Canadian of Russian descent and has already made …

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Left-Handed Artists

Painting or drawing is an intricate form of art which requires not only creativity but a great amount of dexterity as well. It may (or may not) come as a surprise to you that some of the most famous painters in history are actually left-handed. 1.Leonardo da Vinci – This …

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Famous Historical Lefties

Julius Caesar Not many people will know that the infamous Roman emperor was a lefty and in terms of the political sphere of human history he certainly isn’t the only lefty to have made his mark. Born around 100 BC and finding his cruel end at around 44 BC, Gaius …

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