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The History of the Lefty

Statistics show that 10% of the modern population is left-handed. Where did left-handedness come from? Why is it only such a small percentage? How long has it been around? I am sure these questions have crossed your mind; so here is a quick history lesson of the southpaw. According to …

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Left Handed: Are We In Our Right Minds? Or Do We Need To Look Beyond Our Controlling Hemisphere?

Being Left-Handed Means You Are Right-Brained…Or Does It? New research has shown us that being left-handed is not as simple as using the opposite side of our brains. The monitoring of gene activity shows that while there is still a tangible link to the development of the spinal chord, there …

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Left-Handedness Research: Time To Start From Scratch?

Have We Been Wrong The Whole Time About The Cause Of Left-Handedness? The conventional wisdom that the science world has always provided us with suggests that left-handedness is facilitated by the predominant use of one hemisphere of the brain over the other. However, new research is beginning to show that …

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