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How left handed are you?

Did you know the left side of the body associated with negativity, yet infact, left handed people are faster? When it comes it typing, they faster than right handed people because if you have a look at the keyboard, some the important letters such as A-E-R-S-T are on the left side of the keyboard, therefore this makes left handed people faster.

Did you know that lefties and right handed individuals are not only different by the use of their hands but in the fact that the left and right cerebral hemisphere process things differently?

Fact is right handers need left handers – VISA VERSA!

Did you know  Einstein, Bill Gates, Goethe, Churchill, Ghandi, Mozart and Aristoteles were all  lefties and most likely  had these  characteristics:

  • love rituals, fixed processes
  • enjoy the company of animals
  • Are idealists and linguistically gifted
  • They think analytical
  • Goal orientated
  • Build furniture without instruction
  • Have a close look at their surroundings
  • They use their  right cerebral hemisphere, which is responsible for creativity.
  • Lefties are driven by perception, emotion and fantasies
  • They remember faces easily
  • They get attracted to colour
  • Some complications in life are often taken as tormenting
  • They enjoy the silence

Are you a lefty or a righty?

Are you restrained as a child for using your left hand

Take this left hand – right hand quiz!

Clap your hands then stop.

Which hand is underneath the other?

The dominant hand will usually be the upper hand.left handed

This means that the left handed individuals will clap their hands onto the right hand.

Below is a video – Test yourself!

No matter what hand you use, you can no longer be judged by your handiness. There are a lot of factors such as talent , environment and education etc that have an impact.

Tell us about your experiences as a left handed person. Tell us about your talents. We would love to share and educate!

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