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Left- handed Tin openers

Safe and Easy Products to use – Specifically designed for the left handed individuals

Left handed tin openers comes with a fully reversed design. A extremely good quality left-handed tin opener and  roller cutter have geared action for  an easy opening. the Tin openers are positioned on the left side of the tin and then turned with the left-hand in a natural motion for left-handed people.

Making Living easier for Lefties!

left-handed-tin opener

Are you a  right handed or left handed person? Did you know that most of our manual tin openers are designed for the right handed person. Left handed tin openers are available but can only  be purchased by specially selected stores!

There are various tin openers that are designed for a limited range of tin sizes, therefore you will be able to regularly open small or even large tins – PS. check whether your  tin opener will work with your tins before purchase.

Tip: Ring pull openers can also be a safe and  useful alternative to tin openers, as various tins are now fitted with a ring pull which can be challenging to open, particularly if you experience reduced hand grip.

Make your selection!Lefties! How have your experience been with a tin openers in general?

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