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International Lefty day!

A day celebrating Left handedness!

On the 13th August 2016 its International Lefty Day!


On 13th August 1992 and Club have launched International Left-Handers Day, this is and yearly event that celebrates left-handers everywhere and highlights their spirituality as well as the increase of public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.

Below we have concluded a list of left handed facts for left handed day. Be Proud Lefties!

  1. Did you know left handed men make more money!
  2. Half of the cats(your fury friends) in the world are left pawed/handed.
  3. Creative minded
  4. many great leaders are left handed.
  5. Extremely quick typers

national-left-handers-day lefty

This is your special day, your chance to get your right handed friends or family back for designing a personal space for left handed people, for making fun of you and for creating myths…

The man idea of Left-Handers Day is to make everyone aware of left handers and to celebrate by having  fun, educating in a practical way,  making right handed family members/friends/colleagues realise how “dextrous” we have to be because we are constantly adapting to a  right-handed world.

Happy Lefty day !!!!

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