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Famous Historical Lefties

Julius Caesar

Not many people will know that the infamous Roman emperor was a lefty and in terms of the political sphere of human history he certainly isn’t the only lefty to have made his mark. Born around 100 BC and finding his cruel end at around 44 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar was remarkable figure and conquered numerous territories as ruler of arguably the greatest empire the world has ever seen.


Alexander The Great

Alexander was another lefty who changed the course of history and like Caesar had ambitions of world domination. Highly enigmatic and as much at war with himself as he was with the countless other tribes and peoples that he defeated in battle, Alexander lead great armies firstly to Greece and as far as India and Babylonia. He too was betrayed eventually but some suggest it was who betrayed his closest confidants which lead to his downfall. Other than perhaps Genghis Khan, Alexander can lay claim to to the largest Empire in terms of dominion and his legacy has stood the test of time.


Fidel Castro

Castro took being a lefty to the next level as the face of Cuba’s communist movement and subsequent dictatorship. A leader of the people Castro stood in defiance against the United States for many, many years and was loved by those whom he ruled. Despite numerous assassination attempts Castro continued to fight for the rights of his people and his country until the day he died.


Vincent van Gogh

Onto someone who was responsible for far more cultural influence than some of the previous members of this list, Vincent van Gogh makes it onto the list as a lefty for all the right reasons. Probably one of the most influential painters of all time, van Gogh embodies the flair for the arts that is so often associated with lefties. His works have inspired generations of painters long after his death and his works stand as a pillar of truth in a disillusioned world.







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