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Crazy and Interesting Lefty Facts

Let us take a brief break from guitars and let’s talk about being a lefty in general.  We have put together a list of interesting left handed facts….

 There is one interesting fact that was picked up from a scientist that believed all left handed people tend to be more independent  because they have  adapted to a world which is largely built for right handed person. Here are more fascinating facts of trivia related to being a left handed person.lefty

Scientific Lefty Facts:

  • likely to have allergies
  • prone to migraines
  • More likely to have insomnia
  • They tent to use the right side of the brain the most
  • They are 3 times likely to become alcoholics
  • Likely to be on the intelligence scale
  • Tend to reach puberty 4 to 5 months later

Interesting Lefty Trivia

  • Left handed pensare a in thing…
  • They make great baseball players, tennis players, swimmers, boxers and
  • Celebrate left handed day once a year on the 13th August
  • They recover from strokes faster
  • Are likely to go for creative careers

CRAZY Left Handed Statistics

  • Are Adjusted to see underwater quicker
  • Less able to roll their tongue than a right handed person
  • Nails grow faster on the left hand side than the right

Do you have any more interesting facts to add to the list???


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