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What you never knew about Lefties

There are a variety of cool things about being a leftie. Listed here are six things about them you would not have identified before:
  1. 10 percent of the population is lefties. Researchers in France determined that this percent of left-handedness hasn’t really converted due to the fact the Neolithic occasions.
  1. How do you assess if you’re a righty or a lefty? A study found it’s decided by how our hair grows. If the hair grows clockwise out of the scalp, you’re extra more likely to be a righty. Lefties don’t show any sample of hair progress.
  2. Lefties are people are often in fights. Researchers suppose persons who desire their left hand are more prone to fight and win on account that their opponents are not anticipating the left hand hook.
  3. Lefties have special cognitive advantages. An older gain knowledge of determined that left-surpassed humans were higher at “divergent considering”, and a extra contemporary research cites lefties have better working memories and intellectual flexibility.
  1. Don’t get too comfortable together with your hand. Research from 2007 discovered that as we age, we will end up more ambidextrous due to the fact we begin shedding dexterity in our dominant hand.
  1. If you are a leftie, you fall into the identical crew as President Barack Obama, bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo da Vinci and Marie Curie.

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