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Why are so many famous people left handed?

There are a string of famous and successful lefties that colour the news every day, but it is not a new phenomenon. Throughout history, lefties have accomplished many feats, and have come to be known as Leonardo Da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin, Lewis Carroll, David Bowie, Barack Obama and so many more! But why …

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How being left-handed impacts you health

Being a lefty in a right-handed world is tough enough, but here are a few things your health is probably affected by as a southpaw. Firstly, your brain might work a little differently. The brains and bodies of a left-handed person differ to a right-handed person. Their brains are said …

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Why are some people Ambidextrous?

Studies show that only 10% of the global population is left-handed. Ambidexterity is even rarer. If you can write equally well with both hands – congratulations – you are part of the 1%! There are many different ways in which people use their hands. Many are right hand dominant; some …

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